Thursday, May 20, 2010

Im Back

I know its been over 2 years since i posted on my blog but my wife tells me i should post more so here it is. Last time i posted was when we were pregnant. Well when Brea was pregnant. I may look it but trust me there is no child in this belly. So we had Dalen Benjamin Hair Jan of 2009. He is growing so fast and its awesome to be a parent.

Here is a pic of the 3 of us when we took a trip to Utah in March over our anniversary. We were at the Utah Hogle Zoo.

It's been busy around our house lately. Between work, church and Dalen things get kind of crazy. i will try and post more often, until then I hope you are happy Brea.

Peace out.


Caitlyn said...

Nice to see you back in the blogsphere. I'll admit, I was kind of in shock when I saw that your blog had been updated! Can't wait to read what's going on with you guys!

Jessica said...

Good to see a post, and actually a picture of your cute little one! Hope to see more soon!!